Firework Injury Risk


Fireworks can have a life-altering impact on consumers, including serious eye injuries, loss of limbs and even death.  In 2015, more than 3,000 children under age 15 were injured by fireworks - a decrease from 2014.  Of these injuries, 67% occurred in the weeks surrounding July 4th. In 2015, fireworks injuries led to 11,900 trips to the emergency room - up from 10,500 ER trips in 2014. The safest choice is to leave fireworks to professional use.

When do these injuries happen?
On average, 230 people go to the emergency room every day in the month surrounding the July 4th holiday. This accounts for 67% of all firework injuries in the United States.

What types of fireworks cause injuries?

Sparklers and novelties were associated with nearly half of the estimated injuries among children under 5 years, during the same time period

Who is likely to be injured?
During the month around Independence Day (July 4th), children 15 years and younger sustained about 40% of injuries related to fireworks.

What kinds of injuries occur?

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